Welcome to Dave’s Locomotive Advocate; a site for steam locomotive engine manufacturers advertising lithographs of the 19th. century. The golden age of picturing the locomotive in lithograph advertising from the era of railroad pioneering is emphasized. Antique lithographic prints and pictures are shown as well as some early photographs of a similar nature.


~ Introduction ~


Within this site, you will find a section about American steam locomotive engine advertising lithographs, explaining how they came to be,  what they are and information about a cataloguing project currently in progress. You will find another section about early photographic images of locomotives and their introduction as trade advertising. Additionally, you will find an occasional selection of locomotive and other early railroad pictures from my collection.

It is hoped that those viewing this site will become more informed than before and perhaps will have information regarding objects in their own collections that they are willing to share or perhaps in the collections of others (private or institutional).

I certainly welcome your contacting me whether you may have a question or information to pass on. I look forward to hearing from you.

So, please do enter. The price is right and you might like what you find and learn about something new and perhaps even be moved to contribute information to the catalogue project.......Enjoy!

And please remember that updating will be done frequently, so check back often!

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