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~ From the Archives as whimsy dictates. ~


My collection archives overview and a general description of what's there.

The archives is an eclectic accumulation of many years where my interests evolved from collecting anything about early railroads to a gradually more narrow scope focusing on early locomotives and cars. As a result of the passing of the years, the material depicts a wide variety subjects and pictorial mediums ranging from woodcuts to lithographs and to photographs of all types. The only constraint was my fondness for very old things dealing with railroads in the U.S.

So, what you will find in this album, will be a mixture of engravings, woodcuts, photographs, drawings and ephemera all depicting the railroad scene as seen by others many years ago.  And, hopefully appreciated by those seeing it today.


 Image Descriptions -

1. Builder's photo; M. W. Baldwin & Co. flexible beam engine built in 1861, c/n 1008, for the Pennsylvania R.R.

2. Builder's photo; McKay & Aldus Iron Works engine Elephant, built for the Chicago & North Western R.R. in 1867. Photo is mounted in a "passe-partout" fibre board frame with a specification label on the back.

3. Specification label for no. 3.

4. End of the line; somewhere in New England.

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Bald_stereo_rev_webalbum optimized.jpg McKay_&_A_DLR_album_copy optimized.jpg McKay & A 2 DLR album optimized.jpg Old Hinkley 2 web optimized.jpg  


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