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The Steam Locomotive Engine Catalogue Project - a work in progress


The catalog being developed is intended to be a compilation of all known steam locomotive engine advertising lithographs published by American lithographers for the Locomotive Builders of the United States from 1840 to 1872. It provides in addition to a color illustration of each print, full bibliographic information including image size, coloring style, textual information, and artist/draftsman and lithographer bylines. Additional information such as inscribed details, verified railroad identification and date estimation is provided when known.

It is hoped that by providing this elusive information, dealers, private collectors and institutional curators will have a definitive source with which to evaluate and catalog their collections and offerings. And, for those interested in railroads but not seriously involved in prints, a greater awareness of the subject may hopefully occur.

The universe of known and probable locomotive lithographs has some 225 different prints including variants. Original prints have been located and examined for approximately 75% of those known to have existed at one time. The search is ongoing to locate and examine and document any and all originals wherever they might be found in collections both public and private. No collection is too small to ignore.

As is always the case in projects of this sort where materials are widely scattered, any information submitted to me will be gladly received and followed up for applicability to the project. So, all viewers of this site are encouraged contact me.


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