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Questions received from site visitors will be answered and will be posted to this page

when they are of a general nature pertaining to the topics presented.


~ The Lithograph Project ~

Q: When will the project be finished? A: In the not too distant future. It depends on how quickly as yet unseen prints are made available for study. Hence my request for information on collections heretofore not known to me.

Q: Are you going to publish and if so, what? A: It is planned that a printed catalogue will be the result.



~ Lithograph Prints ( locomotive and in general ) ~

Q: Where can I find more information on lithographic prints? A: For basic as well as in-depth informatiion, a good place to start is the art and graphics sections in your local libraries.

Q: Are all locomotive lithographs colored? A: No. Many were issued without any color and some were issued having what is called a tint applied to the entire print to highlight more effectively the black line drawing. Any original prints found without coloring should be left that way. To do otherwise is to damage the integrity of the antique original.


~ Photography ~

Q: Did many companies issue stereo views of their products? A: Very few. Only two or three railroad equuipment manufacturers and a small handfull of other industrial machine makers did so in the 1860 - 1889 period. In the railway equipment field, Baldwin Locomotive Works, Jackson & Sharp and Wason Manufacturing. The later two were car manufacturers. The lack of ease of use probably worked against the stereo format as a sales tool because in order to properly view them, a stereoscope was required, which in turn,  would have required the sales representative to pack and carry same.




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